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Why Buying A Used Motorcycle From A Factory Dealer May Be The Best Option

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Buying a used motorcycle is a great way to get a reasonable price on a bike that is already depreciated and is still in great shape. Working with a factory dealership to purchase a used Harley Davidson bike offers additional benefits over buying one from a private seller. Often, the choices of motorcycles are broad enough through the dealer to allow you to choose a machine that is right for you.

Service After The Sale

When you buy a used Harley Davidson bike, you will eventually need service work on it. If you purchase the motorcycle through a local dealership, you may find that they offer service packages to make the deal more attractive to the buyer, and your service could be discounted if you take the bike back to the dealership when you need oil changes or repair work on it. 

Motorcycle repair shops that work on many different motorcycles brands will often work on your Harley if you need them to, but they may not have parts available on the self, and ordering them may mean waiting for the repairs to be completed. The dealership you purchased your used Harley Davidson bike through is more likely to have the parts in stock because these machines are the only ones the dealer works on. 

Taking your motorcycle back to the dealer you purchased it from is no different than taking your car or truck to the dealership where you bought it for service. The vehicle is different, but the benefits of keeping your warranty work at the dealer and allowing them to track your service work are as significant as it is on your new car or truck.

History Of Repairs

When you buy a used Harley Davidson bike through the dealership, it is not uncommon for the motorcycle to have been traded in on a new bike by a familiar customer. If the dealership has a history of service and repairs on the motorcycle, they may be able to tell you what has been done to it and what to expect with the bike in the future. 

When you bring your motorcycle in for service or repairs, the technicians that have worked on the machine in the past will know the bike, the nuisances, and quirks it has and may remember what past service and repair history it has. If the dealer has past service records for the motorcycle, they can research repairs to check the history. If there is something that has been an ongoing problem, the service history will show it and potentially influence the repair options for the motorcycle.

Keep these tips in mind when looking to buy a motorcycle, such as a used Harley bike, from a local supplier, such as Next Ride.