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Essential Accessories You Need For Your UTV

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A utility task vehicle (UTV) is great for off-road recreation as well as landscaping and hauling materials short distances on rough terrain. If you are planning on purchasing a UTV in the near future, there are some essential accessories you should put on your shopping list. You will able to expand the capabilities and safety of your UTV with these accessories. The following guide can help you figure out what equipment you should buy along with your UTV.

Landscaping and Gardening Tools

If you need to clear land on your property for a landscaping project or growing crops, there are several UTV add-ons that will help you perform the task. You can attach these accessories to the hitch of your UTV.

When there are rough patches of grass and high weeds that you want to clear over several acres, you can add a mower or a trail cutter specifically designed for UTVs to your vehicle. Mowers and trail cutters for UTVs have their own electric motors and safety switches. You can also adjust the cutting height of the devices.

Heavy duty landscape rakes, plows and seed spreaders are invaluable UTV accessories for preparing soil for planting. Usually made of cast iron, these tools are stabilized with pneumatic wheels and will help you create straight rows in soil. 

Hauling and Storage Accessories

If you need to haul equipment like heavy garden tools and construction equipment, make sure to purchase trailers, baskets and racks for your UTV. Trailers and metal baskets can be affixed to the back of your UTV via the hitch. When you need storage space for guns or other hunting tools, you can also mount racks on the rear of the UTV or on the back wall of a UTV cab.

Cab Enclosures

For added safety and protection from the elements, install a cab on your vehicle. Your UTV dealer may offer custom-fitted cabs designed specifically for your make and model. Cab enclosures come in a variety of materials. You can opt for a soft-top or hard-top cab.

A soft-top cab is easy to add in minutes if you get caught in the rain. Usually made of nylon and vinyl, a soft-top cab provides visibility on four sides.

For even more protection, install a hard-top cab. Made of shatter-resistant materials, hard-top cabs include tempered glass windshields, side doors and a heavy duty tubular frame. Many models enable you to tilt out the front windshield and remove the doors. You can also order hard-top cabs with doors that lock.   

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